1961 Mexican Silver Dollar Coin, One Peso, VERY LARGE

1961 Mexican Peso

Also known as the Mexican Silver Dollar Almost the same size as a US Silver Dollar Mexico stopped issuing these Silver Pesos, which feature the Mexican national hero Morelos, in 1967, so this represents one of the last Silver coins produced by the Republic of Mexico.

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PRODUCT QUALITY GUARANTEE: The coin pictured for this auction is a sample of the quality of coin that will be delivered to the winning bidder upon receipt of payment. I would take a picture of every coin, but the time it would take to do so makes it impractible. For that reason, this auction comes with the following guarantee... "The condition of the Silver Peso in this auction will range from lightly circulated to brilliant uncirculated. The coin you will receive will fall somewhere into that category of condition. Some coins may have light toning, which is common with Silver coins, especially around the rim of the coin, but NO coin will have major damage of any kind. There will NOT be heavy surface wear. There may be minor blemishes, and toning, but nothing that is uncommon to a lightly circulated coin. I have made every effort to remove the ugly ones from the group of coins which I am selling. And last but certainly not least, if you are not satisfied
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