Up for auction is an treasure for anyone collecting Schlitz Beer memorabilia or Tavern / Bar Clocks. This clock was never used. This is in the hard-to-find catagory! The face lights up bright blue and moving disks behind the blue give it the look of flowing water or the shimmer sparkle of a deep water lake. The red dot you see is the second hand....it moves around in a smooth flowing fashion rather than tick...tick...tick if you know what I mean!

NO CRACKS....breaks....the cord is a bit stiff... that comes with the age of this 1961 beauty.

Below the "hour number 6" is a small 1"x6" area w the bar owner would customize his clock with the tavern name. T are the original blue plastic breakaway letters in original plastic sleeve...you will have the honor of personalizing it for the first time. The clock sits on a stand so is freestanding on its own. Also is the instruction sheet for installation. This clock was meant to sit on top of a cash register or shelf. Included is the DRIED UP epoxy that ws in the paper envelope. It can also b anchored by screws.

The clock works GREAT....the motion and almost neon look is cool. The small chrome ring between the blue and the numbers reads: Form 31T 1961 Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Breweries at Milwaukee, Wis, Brooklyn N.Y., Los Angeles, Calif.
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