Early years

Maris made his Major League Baseball debut in 1957 with the Cleveland Indians . The next year, he was traded to the Kansas City Athletics , whom he represented in the All-Star Game in 1959 in spite of missing 45 games due to an appendix operation.

Kansas City frequently traded its best players to the New York Yankees , and Maris was no exception, going to New York in a seven-player trade in December 1959 .

When he showed up in New York to join the Yankees, he was dressed in blue jeans , white bucks and a sport shirt. According to one story, he was met at the airport by a friend of the Yankees organization who took one look at his white bucks and said, "Look, man, Yankee ballplayers don't dress like you. These shoes--they gotta go." Maris immediately took the fan to a Thom McAn's store, w he bought two more pairs of white bucks. Later, when told to get a different wardrobe, he snapped, "If they don't like how I dress, I'll go back w I came from." That seemingly curmudgeonly side of Roger Maris only encouraged the New York sportswriters to look for things to criticize. They called Maris aloof, rude, and a hick.

In 1960 , his first full season with the Yankees, despite the already-nagging media, he led the league in slugging percentage, RBIs, and extra base
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