DESCRIPTION : I am auctioning off a bunch of rare high-numbered 1961 Topps cards this week. Many of these cards are in gorgeous (practically "LIKE NEW") condition. Some are very close to mint, and even maintain their original gloss! Don't miss out on this opportunity to obtain premium condition vintage cards.

This auction is for the card described in the title and pictured below. CLICK to see other 1961 Topps high numbered cards.

CONDITION : Unless otherwise stated, t are NO CREASES and CLEAN BACKS. See high-quality scan for corners and centering.

SHIPPING : $2.25 for a 1-3 card auction. $3.25 for a 4-9 card auction. I will cut shipping costs by $1 for each auction won after the first.

Feel free to email me with any questions. I will continue to auction off almost an entire set of 1961 Topps in similar condition. Look for these auctions in coming weeks.