You are bidding on two cards: the 1961 Topps duo of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris , whose (pre-HGH) pursuit of Babe Ruth's 60 home run single-season mark has become the stuff of baseball legend.
The Mickey Mantle card (#300) has a great gloss and color, 4 almost completely perfect corners, great edges and nice white borders -- with the only border flaw being some minor print speckle on a small area of the outside edge of the right border, just above and to the far right of the shoulder. Centering is typical of the 1961 set, but the full borders create a nice framing, maintaining the card's eye appeal. I am not a grader, but if I had to guess I would say the card is NM/ NMT+, with the centering and the print speckle being the only small grading flaws. Overall, this is a very sharp, very clean card with superb eye appeal. ( note : t's some glare in the pic from the top loader on the left-side brim of the hat. T is no discoloration on the card).
The Roger Maris card (#2) came from a recent set break. It exhibits good color and gloss -- with the usual left-side vertical print roller marks typical of the more richly-colored cards of this issue. The borders are perfectly clean and white. The back of the card is flawless. The corners appear quite sharp save for slight touch wear. No pronounced rounding. Centering is typical, but
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