This set/lot has an average condition of VG. These cards will exhibit various flaws consistent with these grades and some of the cards may contain staining and/or small marks.


For shipping, I will utilize the USPS flat rate shipping packages. I will combined as many sets/lots that will safely fit into any one of the various sized USPS flat rate packages and ship for a combined rate (please allow me to provide an invoice before sending a payment). Any singles paid for on the same invoice with a set or lot will ship for free.

If you are considering purchasing multiple items, please use your ebay shopping cart and wait to send ANY payments until you have completed your purchasing and have received an invoice with the proper s/h total.

When purchasing multiple items using the ebay shopping cart, BEFORE sending a payment , PLEASE use the "REQUEST TOTAL FROM SELLER" button to enusre that you pay the discounted s/h rate mentioned below.

To find the "REQUEST TOTAL FROM SELLER" button, while you are in " Your ebay shopping cart " screen, hold your cursor over my ebay ID (MANTLERULZ) located on the left of the screen and the "REQUEST TOTAL FROM SELLER" button will appear on the right side of the screen. On the next screen at the bottom, please From there I can provide
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