Spring 1962 issue of FILM QUARTERLY magazine.


This is a Special Issue devoted entirely to the films of HOLLYWOOD.

Roundtable with Fred Zinnemann, Pauline Kael, Irwin Kirshner Interview with Hubert Cornfield Seven Samurai versus The Magnificent Seven

Notable Film Reviews:

Breakfast at Tiffany's / One, Two, Three

Film Quarterly was published by the University of California and contained movie set photos, articles on the movie industry, film reviews, plus review of books on cinema and the film industry. Less focused on the money-making and deal-making than say Variety magazine; less focused on celebrity, gossip and who's up / who's down than say the Hollywood Reporter. If you are a cinemaphile / movie buff / film student you will thoroughly enjoy these issues.

This issue is in Near MINT condition. There are no cutouts or missing pages.

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