1962 H4 Gillette Slim Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor


ThisSlim is in great condition. There is a small blemish on silo doors, and mild water marks under doors. All the paint is in tact on the dial, and goes from 1-9 The silo doors open and close smoothly and razor is blade tested! Safety bars are straight! The Slim Adjustable is one of the most popular Gillettes around. With it's adjustable safety bars beginner wet shavers can set the dial low and work their way up. More experienced guys can turn it up and get a more aggressive shave. Also makes a great collectors item/birthday razor (born in 1962?). If you haven't tried this razor you're missing out!

Sick of having to bid and compete with other people to get the razor you want? Sick of worrying about getting a broken or poorly described item? Sick of hearing “I'm not an expert, fix it yourself!” Skip the bidding game, and just buy it here and now from someone who strives for excellence. I do all the work for you. I clean, I repair it if necessary/possible, slap a little love on it, then I take close, accurate pictures and describe the item to the best of my ability to show you exactly what's being sold. I ship with one day handling, wrapped with the utmost care. I use new boxes and plenty of wrapping. You will never get your razors in an envelope from me. I'll never use a single serving cereal box to
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