1962 Hofner Senator Thin With Original Case

1962 Hofner Senator Thin With Original Case.

This Guitar was my Father-in-Law's, He bought it new in 1962 and played a bit in jazz bands. He gave it to me and it's a sin to sell it really but I am downsizing and have no room for it.

There is one pickup and I think all the wiring is original. The tone of the pickup when amplified is superb, not massively powerful but mellow. the volume control is missing its cap, it works a little scratchily. It has three switches one "Rhythm/Solo" which raises the volume slightly in the solo setting and the other two, marked "Bass on" and "Treble on" which don't seem to make any differance.

The Machine heads are original. As you can see in the photo, the spindle on the "D" machine head is slightly bent, but this doesn't interfere with use.

The Colour of the wood is great, the back looks especially good where you have a lovely Blond tiger-striped grain. The back has some belt-buckle marks in the varnish, there are three knocks to the varnish on the front that I can see and one on the top of the neck. Overall in good condition for 49 years old.

The same cannot be said for the case however, which has only one hinge still attached. The catches are all rusty but hold the case shut and the black material on the outside is flaking all round the edges and has
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