1962 Joan Mitchell/Robert Rauschenberg/Wolf Kahn/Richard Hunt/Stankiewicz/Stamos

This catalogue accompanied a 1962 traveling exhibition organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art entitled Forty Artists Under Forty . The show examined up-and-coming talents in the art world of the 1960s. The catalogue includes biographical notes and statements by each of the artists, as well one illustration for each, some in color.

Among the featured artists were:

David Aronson

Carmen Cicero

Joseph Glasco

Richard Hunt

Angelo Ippolito

Wolf Kahn

Ben Kamihira

Marcia Marcus

Joan Mitchell

Arthur Okamura

Robert Andrew Parker

Robert Rauschenberg

Sarai Sherman

Theodoros Stamos

Richard Stankiewicz

Hugh Townley

Elbert Weinberg

William T. Wiley

and others.

The 52-page softcover volume measures 7½ x 10 inches. The cover and edges show some notable wear, but the interior pages are fresh and generally in very good condition.