1962 Mint Proof set in Unopened Sealed Envelope

Up For Sale
1962 U.S. MINT PROOF SET <> 90% SILVER Half Dollar - Quarter & Dime 1962 Mint Proof Set in Unopened Sealed Envelope Coins included in this set are: Franklin Half-Dollar - Washington Quarter - Roosevelt Dime- Jefferson Nickel & Lincoln Cent
GREAT FOR CHRISTMAS OR OTHER GIFTS YOU MAY HAVE IN MIND Would be a Great Christmas Gift for that Collector in your Family.
Please understand that This is a Sealed Mint Proof Sets,. Just received from an Estate Sale,. I have no knowledge of what they look like inside. As the paper work states. (Some call it the C.O.A. Which it's not). <><> Sooner or later tarnishing may occur <><> Which can be in the form of Spotting, Discoloring, and or Toning. Which increases the value of any coin, (So some say.) The Mint Proof Sets are from 51 to 55 Years old.. With that said. You could be Bidding on a Mint Sets, Not knowing weather your going to Win OR you can Purchase these Mint Proof Sets and have them shipped the same day of Payment. If you have any question please contact me.
: o ) .................................Thank you for stopping by... :o) Good Luck !! ................................. ( o : Shipping and Handling: PLEASE READ!! Will be $2.50 with Free Deliver Confirmation. Payment is due at time of invoice, NO later then Three (3) days
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