3 1962 newspapers Great Mail Truck robbery PLYMOUTH MA

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SEE PHOTO----- Three (3) COMPLETE ORIGINAL newspapers, the Bennington Banner (Vermont) dated Aug 15, 16, and 17, 1962.

All have front page news coverage of the GREAT PLYMOUTH (MASSACHUSETTS) MAIL TRUCK ROBBERY that netted the bandits over 1.5 million dollars. At the time it was the LARGEST robbery in US history and it has not been solved or the stolen money recovered to this very day !!!

In 1962, a crew of Massachusetts mail robbers tried to pull off a single heist for a very large score. Their focus was money brought into Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a popular tourist destination that draws in many visitors over the summer. The crew knew that the island’s banks would be full of tourist money on Monday morning. Money that would be sent to the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston the next day.

On the evening of Tuesday, August 14, 1962, the crew pulled off a carefully planned mail heist. After the target mail truck passed a fork in the highway, they closed off the road behind it. Some of the thieves then stopped their car in front of the mail truck. One, dressed in a police uniform, stepped out to stop the mail truck. Armed,
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