1962 Salada CLIP BACK Coin #27 Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox

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1962 Salada Junket Clip Back Coin #27 Carl Yastrzemski "Boston Red Sox" MINT

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Only a handfull of these Salada Clip Back coins are estimated to exist.

Salada Coin Clip Backs are absent from all but the most advanced collections

A 1962 Salada Junket Carl Yastrzemski Clip Back coin sold on Mastronet four years ago for $1200

A very RARE version of the Salada Tea/Junket Dessert plastic coins exists in a clip-back format. An extrude tab at the back center would allow the coin to be slid onto a cap bill or shirt flap as a decoration. With the exception of Earl Averill (Angels), all clip-back Salads confirmed thus far depict Boston Red Sox players. It has been reported that the clip-back coins were created for use in Opening Day stadium promotions by the Red Sox, Yankees and Mets.

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These coins are similar to the Topps, Old London, Armour, Chips, Jello and Shirriff coins in the 1960’s but are much scarcer because they were issued in boxes of tea and pudding mix.