1962 Salada Coin #23 Roger Maris "Yankees" PSA 9 MINT

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In 1962, Salada Tea and Junket Brand Desserts promoted their products by issuing a set of plastic backed baseball coins with paper inserts. The idea behind the set was simple, while at the same time elaborate – each of the then 18 Major League teams would have 10 players represented, one for each of the eight fielding positions plus two pitchers. This made for the 180 coin set that was originally produced.

However, midway through production, the National League expanded by adding two teams – the New York Mets and the Houston Colt .45’s. Salada then shifted gears and updated their entire set to reflect the resultant changes. Many new players were added, some were traded and some were dropped.

The 1962 end-product was a set of numbered coins that totaled 221 different players and made up a 180 player original set and a 200 player revised set. The varieties occurred when a player in the 200 set was changed in one way or another from the way he appeared in the 180 set.

Most varieties involve a player who had changed teams and/or positions (with Salada maintaining the same 10 positions per team pattern in the 200 piece set). Other varieties involve purely cosmetic changes from one set to another. Many L.A. Angels for example started
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