This auction is for the very rare 1962 board game THE EXCITING NEW GAME OF THE KENNEDYS , by Transogram and Harrison and Winter, #3879. The Idea of the game according to the instruction sheet is the Kennedys is the imaginative game of intra-family power struggle. Each player assumes the role of one of the members of America’s first family and tries to triumph over his relatives in the contest for highest national prominence. This game released 1 year before President Kennedy’s assasination is based on 6 members of the Kennedy clan. No one including the creators of the game could have known the tragedy awaiting this family and that 4 of the 6 members included in this game would die so tragically. It is more than just a game, it is a bit of Americana. The cover shows the faces of six Kennedy family members carved into a mountain, a la Mount Rushmore. This game is for 2-4 players, ages 8-Adult.

The game is complete and includes: 6 playing pieces; 2 dice; 72 Turn of Events Cards; 36 Category Cards; 36 Official Blank Cards; Play Money, Instruction sheet, and 1 Playing Board with areas of Conference room, Influential friends & social standing, Personal image, Popular support, backing of a power group, position of importance. The contents are in very good condition. The playing board is in very good shape, no tears or very slight
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