1962 Topps #62 Steve Boros Dean's Cards PSA 7 - NM*4298

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Dean’s Cards reduced prices on most items. Many up to 30%! We have recently acquired lots of great collections of vintage baseball cards -- and we are passing the savings on to you!When you buy cards from Dean’s Cards, "what you see is what you get" – no surprises and no hassles. The scans that you see here are of the ACTUAL CARD that you will receive. Each card is professionally graded by a Dean’s Cards expert and includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The card was scanned "raw," to clearly show any possible imperfections that the card may possess. The card is then packaged in a standard "soft" sleeve, with an open top for easy removal. The Dean's Cards label is placed on the top back of the card sleeve, and is no way affixed to the surface of the card itself. Every card you buy features a QR Code QR that you can scan to see your ACTUAL CARD (not a representation) on your Smart Phone or Tablet. The QR Code will bring even more "value added" technological benefits in the future. We are planning to add statistical data about each card's condition, and even card collecting software to easily access your collection online. *Please note that when images are enlarged there may be instances of vertical lines running through the scans. This is a scanner flaw and is evident by lines
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