1962 US D.O.D. "Cold War" Fallout Shelter Booklets (2)

My Mother was head of our local Red Cross - and Fallout Shelter Manager, these are her booklets from 1962 issued by the Dept. of Defense and other agencies .

The first is a 60 page booklet titled "Family Guide (to) Emergency Health Care. I have condensed the Table of Contents, which is as follows: (1) Facing The Fallout Threat - pages 1 -5 (2) Caring for the Sick - pages 6 - 21 (3) Caring for the Injured - pages 23 - 37 (4) Special Problems in Caring for the Seriously Ill or Injured in a Shelter - pages 40 - 41 (5) Birth in the Shelter - pages 42 - 52 (6) Emergency Supplies and Sanitation - pages 53 - 60 . T are many illustrations. Except for slight discoloration of the front and back cover, I think this booklet is in exceptional condition. All pages are intact and the pages are crisp.

The second is a 8 page pamphlet titled" Fallout Shelter Medical Kit Instructions", and is a supplement to Emergency Health Care. It contains: (1 ) Instructions To Shelter Managers - page 2 (2) Instructions for Use of Basic Medical Supplies - pages 3-4 (3) Instructions for Special Medicines - pages 5 -8. T is slight discoloration at the 'ends' of the booklet due to it being contained within the first booklet. T are several minute tears.

A bit of history. The Cold War .... what a terrible frightening time!

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