1963 Baseball Photo and Autograph album

1963 Baseball Photo and Autograph album....sold through Manny's Baseball Land during that time period..sectioned by team, pictures every major league players (even a few you probably haven't heard of!--Ron Stillwell, Roy Heiser, Howie Kitt, Spud Murray, Ron Solomini, Connie Grob, Dave Gerard, Larry McNulty, Will Hunter)....generally nice shape, has a slight bend on the corner tip lower right....Shipping and handling cost is listed in the payment options column on this item.....whenever I can, I am always glad to combine shipping for multiple orders…we are glad to ship to other countries; shipping and handling will be determined by the weight of the order and the country shipped to ..for US orders, if you only win one lot on a night, Ebay sends out an invoice for that item, and I will generally not duplicate their effort by sending out an additional invoice.......... This is an attachment I put on all my lots; please read the next statement with the understanding that it only applies to the items described....on single regular-sized cards (3x4 or smaller), slides (in general, paper or cardboard items that will fit into a regular 3x4 top load) I pay postage if the winning bid is $10.00 or over.... Paypal is Ebay's standard method for payment now....if that is a problem, contact me and I'll try to be agreeable about working out something. ... read more