1963 Bozo Lunchbox & Thermos

C-8+ Excellent Condition

Due some research...look around and you won't find many lunchbox sets out t from 1963 in this condition! The lunchbox itself is in excellent-plus condition some may rate near mint but I will rate just below that. T is NO RUST on this box! Some minor scratches and wear but even the bottom photo(often very scratched on these dome boxes) is in beautiful conditon with some wear on the 4 feet. Inside still bright white and complete with thermos wire. The thermos is also in excellent condition with no wear to image and the bottom is bright and clean. T are some minor dry spots on image possible rust bubble coming from the inside. Complete with correct stopper and cup! Glass liner still intact. You won't find a nicer set!

Collector's Guide to Lunchboxes by White list this item in slightly less condition than this at $450.00 and a rarity of 7 out of 10

Shipping just $12.95 and that will include delivery confirmation and insurance. Please check my feedback and buy with confidence.