1963 Chrysler Imperial Convertible promo model

This is a 1963 Chrysler Imperial Convertible promotional model by AMT. This car is red with a red interior, and is in good condition. This car has one BIG problem, the windshield frame is broken and missing pieces. In all of the years we've been collecting, I don't think we've owned a '63 Imperial convertible that has had a fully intact windshield frame. The windshield frame problems are: Both vent window posts are broken off and missing, the right side is totally gone, the left side is about 50% gone; a portion of the "A" pillar is gone on the passenger side (see pictures). Aside from this, the car shows no real wear, the bumpers and wheels are in great condition as is the rest of the body. Even the hood ornament is intact. This car would still display nicely, but being such a scarce car makes it worth repairing. We are selling off a collection of promotional models and kits that took us over 30 years to complete. If you are looking for a particular model, e-mail me at , maybe I can help.


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