1963 Fleer Baseball Checklist Card

I am selling a huge collection of vintage baseball cards and combine shipping on all items. I get many e-mails asking if these cards are original. ALL CARDS ARE original. I also get a lot of e-mails on combined shipping, and all of the listings say I COMBINE shipping, so please . I answer all e-mails, but I hope this clarifies the two most asked questions, and it keeps the number of e-mails down from those who haven't read the listings closely.

This auction is for a 1963 Fleer baseball checklist card. I am selling this card for a friend, who bought this card as unmarked, but I was checking out the card with my magnifier glasses, and the left 12 numbers had actually been checked. The check marks are very faint, and if they were erased, I don't see any wear from eraser marks. It's almost like indentions were made on the boxes with an object that did not have ink or pencil lead. You can see the checks, but as I said, they are very faint. The right side boxes do not have any check marks. The back of the card is also unchecked, and is in beautiful condition. If the left side of the front of the card had never been checked, I would have graded the card ex-mint plus to near mint. Regardless, it is a very pretty card in very nice overall condition.