1963 Horsman Thirstee Drink/Wet PlatinumBlond Baby Doll


Cute 18" drink/wet open mouth nurser baby doll from 1960's. She is in great condition and I have had her in my collection for many years but I am trying to downsize to my real interest of dolls from '30s-'50s. I now have over 400 dolls so I will be listing some with birth dates from 1950 to 1980. Please check my auctions and store for more cuties of mine including some from a friends deceased mother.

Her body and legs are hard plastic and arms and head is hard vinyl. Marked on her back Horsman Dolls Inc and on her neck 3437 15 Eye Horsman Dolls Inc 27? and also has marks under her arms which I can't read. She is listed in Modern Collectors Book #1 page 144.

She has a tiny red mark on the back of her right wrist - an itsy brown spot inside right palm below thumb - two pinpoint black dots on upper left arm - a tiny pinpoint hole and little dent on her left heel (I never noticed these until I started this listing and she is sitting in front of me in daylight). She has no odors or chew marks and all fingers and toes are present. Her arms are a bit loose and do not hold a set-up pose well and could benefit from tightening but she can suck her thumb laying down!

She has platinum blonde rooted hair that has not been cut nor is missing any plugs but is a little on the dry side
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