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Hello Rock~n~Roll fans &

Happy Holidays!

What we have today on the auction block is an original, VERY RARE & VERY DIFFICULT to find 1963 Rolling Stones Play-Pal Doll Still Sealed in the Original Package FREE SHIPPING When you use the Buy It Now option, see details below.

This is a very rare sealed Crazee Play PAL Rolling Stone Doll figure. These Rolling Stones Caricature dolls were produced in 1963 and are very much like the Beatles Remco Seltaeb dolls in size and form, except they did not have instruments. These are much harder to come by than the Beatles dolls and were not massed produced as such.

You can see from the page I copied out of âeoeRock-N-Roll Treasures Value Guide, published in 1999 on page 120 bottom left of page, these dolls are valued at $250 - $300, and that was 9 years ago. They have surely climbed in value since. This doll is
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