1963 Skipper Barbie Sister Doll Brunette Original clothes by Mattel Bending Legs

Up for auction is one marked 1963 Mattel Inc (on the behind) and USA (bottom of feet) brunette Skipper doll. She is wearing a green and lace dress/attached skirt combo that is marked "Skipper 1963 Mattel Inc". This doll is in good condition with nice face paint. She does have a couple of cracks on her feet, but still intact and should be just fine...also a few other little digs and some slight discoloring. Her hair has been in a pony tail for years and may need to be retrained to lay flat. Most of her hair is there (see pictures), though on close inspection one can see where some of the hair is missing (underneath at the back and base of the head). Her hands have not been chewed. Considering this doll is 50 years old, and certainly once loved and played with, I think she is in good condition still and has a lot of life left in her. I am not a doll dealer, so if you have specific questions please let me know. Sold as-is and as described. She will be shipped in a bubble mailer with three other pieces of clothes items (pink sweater (marked/labeled Skipper 1963), a Stacey Halter? shirt, and an unmarked red and white dress. Free bubble mailer shipping to continental US.