Welcome to my Weekly Vintage Auctions. I have just acquired a nice run of Topps Baseball sets from 1956-1970 and I will be listing them over the next few months.. AS ALWAYS- PAY ONLY A FLAT $3.00 SHIPPING- NO MATTER HOW MANY CARDS YOU WIN!! That is right. Win 1 or all of my cards on the weekly auctions and only pay a flat $3.00 for shipping. This is a great opportunity to pick up a bunch of cards at one stop ... REMEMBER, I OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT 100% SATISFIED!!! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY STORE WHERE YOU CAN VIEW MY WEEKLY SET BREAKS. THIS WEEK HIGH GRADE SET BREAKS FROM 1963 AND 1964 ALONG WITH SOME NICE SUPERSTAR CARDS AND A 1971 TOPPS FOOTBALL SET BREAK!!

Tonight I am pleased to be bringing you super nice 1963 Topps Baseball set break. A month ago a sold the nicest 63 set break in a long time and this 63 set is from the same owner. This is his number 2 set and it is a beauty. This cards in this set grade out at 35% Nrmint-Mint, 50% Nrmint to Nrmint+ and 15% Ex-Mint. There are several star cards that have been graded including a PSA 6 Rose and Mantle and PSA 7 Clemente and Maris. The set is very consistent throughout and there is very little wear on any of these cards. If you are looking to upgrade or complete you high end 63 set this is the chance to do so as I am listing all 576 different singles tonight!!
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