1964 Area 4-F Fellowship patch OA

Areas in the Order of the Arrow are groups of lodges which annually have a fellowship meeting somewhere within the area. This patch was from the Area 4-F fellowship in 1982. Most of the lodges are in West Virginia or in nearby Kentucky and some no long exist, their councils having been merged into others. The OA organization has changed also, so areas are now called sections and lodges are arranged differently in the sections. Not many of these patches are offered for sale. The patch itself is new, never stitched and in good condition, but a brown stain can be seen on front and back, as if coffee were spilled on it. Therefore, I listed the patch as used. It retains its stiffness from the coating on the back.
I am neither a dealer nor a store, just a collector disposing of his stock. OA collectors as well as former Scouts from West Virginia will want this unusual item.