Extremely rare
Beatles Pinups-for-Sale poster from 1964
This poster was printed for use in storefronts and newsstands across the United States to sell sets of Beatles "Screamers," which were small posters of the Beatles on sale at the time of their US tour. The image is of Ringo Starr at the drums , drawn by internationally known artist/caricaturist Gordon Currie (my father), surrounded by scrolls with the names of the Beatles in scrolls, with Beatles Pin-Ups at the top and On Sale Now! at the bottom.
These are extremely rare, as they were never sold to the general public - they were advertising posters. I know of only six in existence - four of which I sold about two years ago when they were discovered in my late father's art storeroom. Those sold in a range of $680 for the very best one with no fading, down to $145 for one with significant fading and a light tear/split along the fold (they were folded into quarters at the printers for mailing). The other was sold by someone else just before I sold those and it went for a little over $700.
This on is on the mid-to-upper end of the quality scale in comparison to the others. T is some discoloration along the fold edge (more noticeable on the top), and the tiniest of a little split hole at the point w the folds come together in the center. Most of the discoloration
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