1964, Kennedy Half Dollar. Very Nice Condition. "Sweet Silver Coin" 24 HR Sale

1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar

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Coin is in very nice condition.

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Question: When will silver cross $50?
Answer from David Morgan: It is likely to happen in 2013. The next leg up is starting right now, although we probably will not see a substantial acceleration in the leg up. Obviously, as soon as $50 is crossed an acceleration can be expected. It remains difficult to forecast how fast the acceleration will be.

The prices of gold and silver haven’t performed well in 2012. Moreover, both gold and silver haven’t increased much in the past couple of years. Is it all over for precious metals? Is the global economy doing much better in 2012 than it did in 2008 so the growth in the demand for gold and silver as a safe haven investments has deteriorated? Let’s examine the performance of gold and silver during 2012, the main factors that may have affected their direction and guess where gold and silver are headed in 2013.

Gold and Silver Prices 2012

During the first couple of months of the year, silver price spiked and by the end of February silver increased by nearly 26%, while gold price rose by only 11% from the beginning of the
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