1964 J.L. Hudson Gallery Catalog - W.R. Valentiner Exhibit - Detroit JL Hudson's

We have a very nice copy of the first Art Catalog from the
J.L. Hudson Gallery In Detroit Michigan
Thought you knew everything there was to know about J.L. Hudson's but NEVER HEARD OF THE:
Well, you are not alone, until I uncovered this GEM in a local estate, I never knew that the DETROIT J.L. HUDSON store contained a famous art gallery
Here are the facts from the Smithsonian's website:
- Founded in 1963 by Joseph L. Hudson, the president of the Detroit based J. L. Hudson Company, who had an interest in bringing art of top quality to Detroit. - Albert Landry, who had previously owned a gallery in New York, was hired as first director. - The gallery, located in the downtown branch of Hudson's, opened on November 18, 1963 with an exhibition of the W. R. Valentiner Collection. - Although the gallery had some exhibitions which included 18th and 19th century art, it concentrated on the 20th century, bringing the work of the best contemporary artists to Detroit. Oscar Piagentini succeeded Landry as gallery director in 1967. - The gallery closed in 1974. _______________________________
This catalog was from the 1st Exhibit in the
J.L. Hudson Gallery The W.R. Valentiner Memorial Exhibition was held from
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