Super piece of Original Art ( NOT a repro of any kind but the ORIGINAL page inked and used for the Whitman book ) from 1964 HEY THERE, IT'S YOGI BEAR Sticker Book.. .....TRULY UNIQUE ONE-OF-A-KIND INKED ART...PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL THE INTERIOR ART THAT IS LISTED FOR THIS BOOK IN THIS WEEK'S LISTINGS CONSTITUTE THE FULL BOOK AND WE'LL HAVE NO MORE INTERIOR ART FROM THIS BOOK...IT'S ALL HERE IN THIS WEEK'S LISTINGS!!!!..GREAT REPRESENTATIVE PIECE OF ART FROM THE CLASSIC ANIMATED FEATURE LENGTH HANNA-BARBERA CARTOON SHOWN IN THEATRES IN 1964 FROM OUR OWN PERSONAL COLLECTION!!!... QUICK NOTE: Western Publishing Company (Whitman) had a virtual lock on any 'Authorized' cartoon, comic, movie or TV character being published in coloring book, activity book or books in general, form that extended from the 40's through the 60's. any purchaser of such books were extremely fortunate because the artists used for these endeavors were top-flight animators, background artists or comic illustrators par Supreme. MOST had tie-ins to the characters they were drawing i. e., Walter Lantz animators were used on the Woody Woodpecker/Andy Panda stuff....Warner Bros. animators on the Bugs and Porky stuff, etc.......they were NOT in-house hacks.......here's a chance to buy at an AFFORDABLE price a representative piece of art of a character that you might have ... read more