1964 Pressed Steel Nylint No.6600 Mobile Home w/ Original Plasco Furniture NICE!

From my personal collection of prize vintage toys I'm offering this 1964 Nylint No.6600 Mobile Home with the original furniture. This 43 year old toy is all original and is in excellent condition. As the 1964 first version (1964-1967) of the Nylint Mobile Home set, this set includes 9 pieces of original Plasco plastic furniture, plus one extra piece; the pink Plasco table. This early 1964 version is a greener shade of turquoise than later versions. Also, this early version roof is beige instead of white in the later versions. While the c ab decals changed with the year of production, the trailer decals remained unchanged throughout production, depicting a green trailer at the beach.
It's hard to find a nicer example of this toy, but let the pictures be your ultimate guide on condition. Gently played with, there are some minor nicks in the paint, a few surface scratches, some paint loss around the cab / trailer hitch, and a small dent and scratch in the hood of the cab. There are no cracks or breaks in any of the 12 plastic windows throughout the cab or trailer. All the tires & hubs, front grill & bumper, trailer forward running white plastic and rear taillights, and trailer door are all intact. The hood emblem is missing on the cab and there is some minor corrosion on the front bumper & grill. All 4 decals are in
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