1964 Topps Baseball Card Complete Set (1-587) Mantle Clemente Niekro Rose Graded

You are bidding on a Complete Set of 1964 Topps Baseball Cards - It contains cards 1 through 587.
The attached (12) scan/photos give a pretty good indication of the overall condition of the cards. The majority of the cards you will be receiving are in Very Good Condition. Some of the cards are better than others. Some cards have the usual corner issues, centering problems or creases. But, the overall condition of the cards, in their entirety, are structually sound and between Very Good and Excellent. A smaller amount would be between Good and Very Good.
This is certainly not a mint or high grade set. But, it is not a low grade set either. Some of the premium cards are in pretty good shape. You get (4) graded premium cards including Mantle, Clemente, Rose and Niekro. Many of the other premium cards that are not graded, are in better shape than the graded cards, while others are not. I have scans of the more valuable cards so you can see what they look like.
If you see a line going down the middle, it is from the scanner and not the cards.