1964 Wendell-West CR-18 Hi-Fi 8 Transister AM Radio

1964 Wendell-West CR-18 Hi-Fi 8 Transister AM Radio

You are looking at a nice vintage Wendell-West Hi-Fi 8 transister AM radio. Model number CR-18. Unit does work, but the battery pack leads need to be resoldered. I had to hold the wires in place while testing it, but it did work fine. Unit features: Earphone jack Single band AM radio reciever 8 transister chassis Analog station display & tuner Built in speaker Telescoping antenna Measures 7" wide x 2" deep x 4" tall Runs on 4 "AA" batteries (batteries not included) Includes leather case. It is very rare to find one of these that still has its original case. Clock was run for over a week and kept good time. Unit was bench tested on 00-00-00 , and everything tested out ok.
This is a great retro piece for your collection or use. Unit has some minor cosmetic defects, normal for its age. Also a great item for theater props department.
This is a good clean working unit ready for use.

All units tested for the following* unless otherwise specified: Main power (Does the unit come on, does it make any abnormal noises or get too hot after being on?) AM and FM tuning (Can it pull in most of the local stations and are they clear?) Right and left, front and rear speaker output Tape or CD function* (play, fast forward, rewind, auto reverse, eject, program scan) (Does

*W applicable (Radio, Tape or CD function etc. cannot be tested on units not equipped with those features)

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