1965 Clipper Craft Boat Brochure 6 Pieces Cadillac, MI

6 Piece lot of information on Clipper Craft Boats. Main brochure is 16 x 11 inches and pictures in black and white the Clipper Sport, Fisherman, and Pram. Also lists specifications.

The rest of the lot includes black and white pictures and price lists of other boats for 1965. Included are canoes the cub scout, explorer scout, and eagle scout and boats clipper imperial, deluxe, and custom. T is letter about Clipper Craft being at the Michigan Boat show in 1965.

All the paper is in good condition. T are spots of writing in pen and also some of these were mailed and have addresses in pen on them.

If you like Clipper Craft, this bundle would be a fun thing to read.

*All my boat items came from my 93 year old Uncle's estate. He sold boats and also worked for Chris Craft. Many of the brochures are from the 50's and 60's and represent many different companies. In most cases, t is only one brochure available. Most are in near mint condition unless otherwise noted. Check back often as it will take us months to list everything!

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