1965 Gibson Lancer GA-35 RVT Amp Perfect Working Order

You’re viewing a 1965 to 1967 Gibson Lancer (not sure of the exact year, but these were made from ’65 to ’67). The amp is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. When it came to me it had suffered from years of neglect. As is often the case with these, both the baffle board (originally made of cheap particle board) and the handle (originally made of leather) had rotted and were structurally unstable. You see this all the time with these unless they have been kept in climate-controlled environments. I had a new baffle board cut from high-quality ½ inch Baltic birch plywood (like the baffles on boutique amps) and bought a reissue plastic replacement handle that is an exact replica of the original handle from athe now-defunct Ampwares company (the handle looks exactly like the original leather handles from the size and shape right down to the faux stitching that mimics the original stitching on the original handle). Ampwares is now out of business and I have never seen these handles anyw else, and they are exact replicas of the handles on these 1965 to 1967 amps. The only difference: these plastic handles will never dry rot and disintegrate like the original leather handles always do. And if you have one of these amps and didn’t know about these and grab one while Ampwares was still in business, then you’re out of luck after your ... read more