1965 JET BOARD gas powered surfboard to restore.

JET BOARD, here is the movie: /jetboard/jb.mov

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Hull is complete, as pictured below. Engine is frozen up with minor corrosion, gas tank is missing. Included in the auction is the engine manual and the Owners Manual. This website Welcome to Jet Board Help ( /jetboard/index.html ) has valuable free information and links to help restore this surfboard to running condition. It really needs an overhaul, and a new gas tank (at scooterhelp they used one from an old lawnmower) but with a mechanics help you could get this running again. The 1960's SURFBOARD COLLECTOR AND PRICE GUIDE book lists this on pg.43 with a "Condition 5" average value of $2400, and if near mint (condition 9) at $13,500. I would say the hull is in the "7" catagory...it does have some dents in the aluminium skin, but no holes! A little bondo, and new paint and it would be perfect. The decals are in excellant conditon! If you are looking for a very interesting display piece for your collecton, this is the place! Be sure to see the other surfboards I make!

Here is the history /jetboard/jetboard.history.html

The Jetboard was an early powered longboard surfboard . It is one of the earliest, if not the earliest motorized sufboard, produced from 1965 to 1968 . The original designer was a former engineer from Boeing Aircraft. It was designed
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