1965-Oct.3. Waite Hoyt's last Reds' broadcast

1965-Oct.3. Waite Hoyt's last game for the Reds
Is t a Reds' fan out t who's either never heard nor even heard of radio broadcaster Waite Hoyt, the voice of the team for 24 years? A man whose anecdotes on baseball, especially on "The Babe" and the decade he hurled for the Yankees, will remain classic? The names Waite Hoyt and Cincinnati forever will be entwined. On 2 standard audio cassettes with very good clarity, are Waite and Claude Sullivan calling the 10/3/65 Reds (Bill McCool) at SF Giants (Bob Bolin) game, Hoyt's last broadcast. It is NOT complete; some half innings are lost but we still hear about 125 minutes of play-by-play including his extemporaneous touching farewell speech to Reds' fans everyw It is a CLASSIC broadcast.
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