1965 Rock-Ola 424 Princess Royal- Working and Complete

This Little Rockola works fine, and is a nice small jukebox with a Viewing window so you can watch the records play- probably one of the smallest full sized macines made. It is Stereo, with 4 speakers and they all work. Magnetic cartridge with a good needle. Operates on the original coin equipment, has locking cash box door (not shown, but included) This machine was made in 1965. The lower front window has a "half moon" crack in it (right under the crown on the left) which is why I put a strip of white vinyl on it- looks good anyway. Machine takes coins, selects, rejects, cancels, everything works. Sold as is, no returns, no refunds. Will not ship. Must be paid for right away, but you can take up to 30 days to pick up. Located approximately 70 miles NW of NYC near Monticello, NY.