1965 Rollfast Bicycles Catalog Roller Skates Skateboard

Vintage 1965 Rollfast Bicycles catalog. Includes Lightweight, Flightweight, Skats and Smoothies. 12 pages of bicycles, 2 pages of wholesale price list, 2 pages of Cowan-Boze Company Inc Rollfast roller skates, 1 page of skateboards. The 1st 8 pages are attached, the rest of pages are all separate pages. All were from a larger vintage catalog of ride-on toys. (see other catalog auctions). 6 of the pages are black and white the rest are color. All in good shape except at bottom of most all the pages has a little chunk of the page missing. Skateboards shown in black and white are-Mustang, Skat, Skoot and Smoothie with retail and wholesale price. Bicycles include the Twin Rider Juvenile, Mustang with Zazoom, English Lightweights, Tex 45 Cowboy Bike and more. Email with questions-thanks