1966 Hess Voyager tanker ship vintage w/box, used

I'm not an expert on Hess toys, I am selling 7 Hess trucks / toys for a friend. This is listing #2, it is a well used example of the rare 1966 original vintage Hess Voyager Tanker ship toy. It is not in the best of shape, it is missing many of the small parts like the propellor, anchor, flagpole and decals, radar, one crane. The battery compartment is corroded and there is a corrosion spot on the inside of the hull below the battery area, apparently it had been stored with a battery in it for awhile. I cleaned up some of the corrosion and attached some wires for testing, the red, green and one white light work. Don't know if the 4th light is bad or if the wiring is bad. I would have to cut the wires to test the light which I did not want to do. It had a lot of surface dirt which I cleaned some off, I did not want to get too aggressive with cleaning. It cleaned up well, the white deck structures could still use more cleaning but they are in good shape. The glue used to attach the structures has yellowed but the plastic itself is white. The bow and front underside have a lot of scratches. No cracks, besides the bow scratches the plastic is in good shape. Two of the deck screws that hold the deck in place are missing. Overall this is in well used condition, I will start it low with no reserve. It could be used for parts or if you

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