1966 Kalamazoo Bass 30 amp. Super clean!!!

Hello. Up for sale is a really clean and original Kalamazoo Bass 30 tube amplifier.

This vintage tube amp was made in the mid 60's. They feature a 2x10" sealed-cab amp and an all tube power section.

The amp has a solid state rectifier and two 7591 output tubes. The small tubes are Mullard 6EU7's rebranded as CMI's. The output tubes look like Westinghouse models rebranded as CMI's. The small tubes say "GREAT BRITAIN" in really small letters and the output tubes say "Made in USA" above 7591.

These amps have Jensen C10P's as original equipment. Its a little tricky since they are front loaded in a sealed cab but I removed one from the baffle to check out the cone and see when it was made. The date code is 24th week of 1966. The speakers are in great shape. These would go great in a Fender Vibrolux Reverb

This was a one owner amp that I bought recently. I bought a bunch of nice 60's amps and guitars that were used pretty much only in the guys home. They were well taken car of and were stored indoors and upstairs-not in a dirty or moldy basement or garage.

You can tell that by how clean the amp is. Everything looks nice and clean and t are no rips or tears in the grillcloth or tolex. What's on t works well and the amp has a pretty clean tube tone. Its gets a little distorted when you crank it up. This

From the Kalamazoo Amp Field Guide.... "The Bass 30 is a 30 watt bass combo with two 7591s in push-pull configuration, driving two Jensen C10P speakers in a sealed (plywood!) cabinet. The control panel folds up into the box, somewhat like a certain Ampeg, only smaller. It includes bass and treble controls."

The value of the tubes and the speakers in the amp is probably close to $400.

These amps has a control section that is separate from the power section. They are a little noisier than a Fender style amp. The caps are OK though.

So t it is. I'll ship this by UPS ground in the US lower 48 for $80. Paypal will work for payment. If you are not seeing any pics I'll get them up shortly.

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