1966 Mosrite The Ventures Model Bass guitar w/hard case

This auction is for a 1966 Mosrite of California "The Ventures" Model bass guitar with the original hard case. The Ventures Model was made by Mosrite from 1963 until 1967 with a few changes. This particular bass had the later features such as an unbound end of the fingerboard, No V or T on the knobs but has the M logo knobs, truss rod located on the peghead so all appears correct from that standpoint. Unfortunately, this bass was originally Candy Apple Red as noted inside the cavity but the original owner decided to strip and refinish it in a dark brown mottled looking stain. Aside from the refinish, the good news is everything else looks pretty right. It has the correct Bart Simpson head tuning gears with the Mosrites logos, logo knobs and Mosrite embossed pickups, along with the correct faux alligator hard case. The bass plays fine although a modern player would most likely change the setup, and the electronics work fine with strong pickups. The volume pot and a couple of the wires have been replaced but everything seems to work as intended. The frets are fairly flat but in good shape and it currently has a nice mellow tone with the ancient tapewound strings that are probably 10+ years old. The serial number is 6673 which is stamped in the rosewood fretboard near the end and that too dates it to 1966. The same number can be

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