Rare 1966 E S Lowe Heads Up & 1974 Milton Bradley HEADS UP! Game Lot Teach Math

Two game lot - teach your children math through this fun game ! Great for classroom challenges or individual study time ! Fun with numbers game makes new math easy!
Heads Up! Dice Game 1966 E.S. Lowe in box. Interior of box has instruction - Gameboard -14 number cubes tiles - tile shaker
Heads Up! Dice Game 1974 Milton Bradley - no box
Gameboard -14 number cubes tiles - tile shaker-sand timer
We put this lot together for some family or classroom fun - one timer is included
both sets are otherwise complete - timer could be shared for challenges or you could add any timer around the house or school for two individuals study time
Both sets are preowned as pictured - ES Lowe box shows some wear from age and use - the lowe gameboard has a corner crack in the plastic - doesn't impact play value - just handle with care - you may wish to tape it for longevity
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