1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback Violet First Year

I bought this awesome bike just a couple days ago for my own collection. Low and behold bills and other grown up things are having their way once again, so somebody else will have the chance to own her.

It's a 1966, which was the first year. Beautiful Schwinn violet, my personal fave, still has some gloss and not too much wear and tear. Chrome is nice with no rust to speak of. Shift and brakes all operating as they should. The previous owner just did a tune up so she is ready to ride. Rear tire and seat are not original. I had planned to replace the tires with whitewall, such a great color combo with the violet.

This bike truly is a survivor. I really wish I didn't have to sell it. Get it while you can, because depending on the other auctions I have going, I may be able to actually keep her.

I will ship partially disassembled with plenty of bubble wrap in a bike box. I get my boxes from a local shop, hence the 5 day handling time. Depending on the days of the shops deliveries, sometimes I gotta wait a couple days to get the boxes. Thanks for looking and just hope my Pokémon cards don't do as well or else I'll be keeping her for my self!