1967 Grande Ballroom The Rationals Concert Handbill

1967 Grande Ballroom The Rationals Concert Handbill - Original. Concerts held on June 2 (Rationals and C-Water-Blue) and June 3 (Jagged Edge and Belshire). A Russ Gibb Production. Handbill measures 8 1/2" x 11 1/4" and is on a lighter stock paper. Poster was created by Donnie Forsyth. This is fresh to the market and is guaranteed original..meaning this handbill was printed in 1967. This is NOT a reproduction of any kind. You can purchase this handbill, frame it and know that it is the real deal from the Spring/Summer of 1967 from the famous Grande Ballroom in Detroit. Very good condition. No folds, no tape. Light handling wear. This one must not have been handed out or distributed in traditional fashion.
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