1967 Historic Battles (Cox Int'l) Unopened Box of 200 Packs, With Mint Album

1967 Historic Battles Unopened Box of 200 Packs and Unused Album This lot consists of an unopened box of 200 sticker packs of Cox International's Historic Battles with an unused album. Each pack contains two 2 1/8"x3 1/4"stickers with a peel-off centre which fits into it's corresponding space in the 40-page album. The albums were initially free apparently, which would tend to lead you to speculate how unlikely it was that many sets were ever made. Each box is labeled as "100" packs, but that is scratched over with a felt pen "200" and the box is pretty full. Condition is ex+ for the box and the packs are nr-mint. The album is nr-mint and it's size is 8 3/4x 10 1/2". Purchaser will get Free Shipping to North America , or pay an additional $20 p&h to other countries (mailing cost is about $45 to Int'l locations). Be sure to check out our other auctions and those of our big sister, canadacollect, for more goodies.