This little 16 inch cutie has a foam over wire body covered in cheese cloth. She's huggable and can be posed lots of ways. She has vinyl head and hands with lots of curly red hair in pig tails (hair is a little frizzy). She has big inset eyes with lashes, an open mouth showing two teeth, and distinctive hand shapes. She comes with a modern sleeper that fits her perfectly. She's marked on the lower part of her neck "( c) 1967 Ideal Toy Corp., F-18-F, CM-8941 ." She's clean and smoke-free.

My Selling Policies:

All items I sell come from the secondary market (auctions, flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores). Occasionally I'll find something in new condition, but most antique or collectable items will have normal expected wear for their age. My home is smoke-free and I try not to get smokey items by using the "sniff test". We have a couple of small dogs in case you're highly allergic. I re-use and recycle so expect some creative packaging - I use egg cartons, brown paper bags, crumpled newspaper, old boxes and so on. I will ship worldwide by request on items where the shipping is reasonable, but keep in mind the post office has size and weight restrictions on what can be mailed to various countries and some things can't be mailed at all.

My husband is legally blind and selling onlne allows me to work at home
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