What an unusual wine bottle! It is in the configuration of a brown and white penguin and is constructed of genuine leather as shown in my photo. The bottle itself is green glass--I can see the neck of the bottle when I unscrew the top of the penguin's head. The penguin's eyes are red stones and both are still present. T is something on the top of his head but I can't be sure what it is. It simply appears to be a piece of round leather that has been glued to the top of the head. T are labels on his chest--"Vintage 1967 - Mirafiore Produced and Bottled in Italy - soc. an. mirafiore - Chianti..." then t is some Italian writing in small print. The bottom is incised "Mirafiore - Genuine Leather." It stands about 12 inches tall and is in nice vintage condition, just what I would expect for leather from 1967. Please ask questions prior to bidding.