1967 Topps Punch-Out Sealed Pack Sandy Koufax Clemente

YOU ARE BIDDING ON A Test Pack of 1967 Topps Punch Out Pack!! I just sold my opened pack and now it's time to sell off the sealed pack. This cello paper is getting very brittle over time. Rest assure it's sealed, you cannot see what 3 cards are behind the front, but some of the ends have break apart. IT'S SEALED though, no tampering!

The three team captains I can see are Leo Cardenas, Earl Battey, and Jim Wynn!

The pack is in great shape other then the ends previously mentioned. I' supplied close ups for your evaluation.

MAKE A FAIR OFFER and I will more then likely work with you. Now, on basically 6 common cards from my open rack got $1500 on a short auction! This pack has been estimated by several other agencies at over $4500-$5500 with the value increasing due to the rareness!!

Before bidding please make sure you can pay for this auction within 2-3 days of close . If you cannot pay within the timeframe I request, please do not bid. If payment not received in the alloted timeframe we will re-list and file a NPB Strike. We will not be held responsible for your lack of payment if a strike is encountered. This is our business and we depend on FAST turn-over. In return for your prompt payment I ship within 24hrs of receipt

Winner add $6.75 s/h via USPS Priority. International postage is
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