1968 69 OPC 105 Wally Boyer PSA 7 Pittsburgh Penguins

1968 69 OPC #105 Wally Boyer card in PSA 7 condition. Centered. NICE.

This card is part of a run of 33 different, beautiful 1968 OPC hockey cards that I have been holding for many years. I had always planned on sending them into PSA for regrading but never got around to it. They were graded long before the half grade point system and surely would gain that half point and a good handful should upgrade a full point. VERY STRONG.

This card is part of a string of 326 different PSA graded hockey cards I am putting up on ebay. This offering has incredibly, 15 different Bobby Orr cards, 8 different Gordie Howe cards (including his 64 Tallboy and 61 Shirriff Coin), 7 different hockey Checklist cards (and we all know how tough they can be), 78 different HOFer cards with 6 of those HOFer cards being Rookie HOF cards (51 Sawchuck, 70 Perreault, 75 Gilles, 76 Trottier, 79 Gretzky, and 81 Coffey).

Also in the string are big runs of 21 different high grade 1964 Tall Boys, a real sweet run of 33 different 1968 OPC's (BEAUTIES), 21 different 1974 OPC's (with three tough 1/1 PSA 8's), 41 different not often listed up on ebay 1975 OPC cards, a whopping 115 different 1976 OPC cards (almost 1/3 the entire set-great chance to get started for cheap), and 29 different 1979 OPC cards. Of the 326 cards, 152 are PSA 8's and 17 are
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